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Why Choose Us

"VOGUE PLUS" Design & Inspiration for A Better Life!
VOGLUS is short abbreviation of “Vogue Plus”. As the name tells, our vision is to bring the mosaic tiles with the most vogue trends, designs and styles to our customers worldwide. Therefore, we built a design workshop which focuses on designing new mosaic tiles and bringing inspirations & innovation according to the understanding of our customer’s needs and the world trend. And we are dedicated to it!
We Are Committed To Quality!
At Voglus Mosaic, we’d like to take our mosaic tiles quality to the next level. Therefore, all our mosaic tiles are manufactured according to our standards to provide best color consistency and long lasting. We have a strict quality system from inspection of raw materials, every link in production, until the final products inspection, to guarantee our mosaics and mosaics tiles to be delivered with topnotch quality. All these elaborate production steps ensure that our products are of a consistently high quality which is of particular importance of Voglus Mosaic’s culture. 
Benefits of Voglus Mosaic Company and Products
- Quality Mosaic Tiles Expert Producing Exporting Worldwide
- Creative Design & Mosaic Manufacturing with Inspirations, Innovations & Dedications
- High Quality Under Strict QC System. The Quality You Expect & The Manufacturer You Can Trust.
- OEM/ODM services provided. OEM products design & development.
- Made in China. Competitive Prices Guaranteed While Base On High Quality First.
- Integrated Unsurpassed Services by A Professional Team from Design, Technical, Manufacturing, Inspecting and Sales.